Cornerstones MUD participates in a regional water authority (RWA) whose mission is to reduce the use of well/groundwater and increase the use of surface water. Reducing dependence on well water leads to a reduction in ground subsidence as required by the Fort Bend Subsidence District. Cornerstones MUD is currently scheduled to convert to surface water no later than 2025.

The North Fort Bend Water Authority (NFBWA) was created in 2005 with the purpose of assisting MUDs with conversion from groundwater to mainly surface water. To date, the Authority has borrowed a significant amount of financing to promote construction of water infrastructure that extends from the City of Houston to northern Fort Bend county. This infrastructure currently provides surface water to approximately 30 MUDs inside the NFBWA footprint.

The NFBWA pumpage and surface water fees provide for re-payment of the borrowed funds and ongoing operations of the Authority. The Cornerstones MUD rate order provides for the NFBWA fees to be passed through to the consumer at cost. These charges appear on your water bill as an RWA Fee and are expected to increase annually as NFBWA is planning to borrow more funds to build additional water infrastructure.

Please visit the NFBWA website for more information regarding their projects and fees.

For additional questions regarding billing and payments, please contact Si Environmental at (832) 490-1500.